From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Fiddle: Jason Thomas
Banjo: Scott Vestal
Mandolin: Lon Williamson
Harmony: Elisabeth Williamson, Lon Williamson
Bass: Lon Williamson


Nice to have our toes a little muddy
My brother, me, and David, he's our buddy
We're tramping down the path to the blue springs boil

Like the way this place is kinda secret
No one here, just some turtles and some egrets
It's getting pretty hot, I'm beginning to broil

Grab the rope, better hope ya hit the water
Doncha slip, get a grip
Yeah, you oughter
Things are pretty high from where we stand
Down the run I see a manatee sleeping
Lookie there, big ol' alligator peeping
Swing as high as you want
Jump as far as you can

Spitting seeds from a slice of watermelon
The three of us are a’laughing and a’yellin'
I didn't know that life could be so good

Hold our breathe, let's kick a little deeper
Pay no mind to the pressure or the reaper
I'd swim into that cave, if I only could


That was then, this is now, 'n things are changing
They took away the rope they had a’hanging
And put a bunch of boards on that muddy ol' path

But still the springs are clear and ever flowing
They draw a crowd, yeah they're coming and a’going
To get themselves a glimpse of what we once had