...stunning voice and a great bunch of songs to share…very impressed by her skill as a guitar player... delighted the people…we look forward to having her back…she came highly recommended to us and…we see why”

— Bill Keith, Trinity House Theatre, Livonia, Michigan


Lauren likes flying high, where nothing can reach her. “My Air Force days taught me that,” she said. “I worked on U-2 spy planes as a recon tech, and the pilot’s goal was to get above the flak and not get shot down. To me that means I'm shy. And I'm okay with it.”

The truth is, she doesn’t play guitar like a shy person. Not on stage. Listeners often say they swear they sometimes hear two guitarists when Lauren is performing solo. Or sometimes they say her finger picking is like a rushing waterfall of notes. Either way, once the spotlight shines on her, be prepared to be mesmerized by her confident and skillful playing style, her warm voice, and her thoughtful original songs.

An audience is just what she needs to get her out of her shell and get her to let loose with authenticity and artistry. That’s why she’s a two-time winner at the notable South Florida Folk Festival song contest—where each finalist performs live against eleven other top talents from across the country. She has a motto about being on stage: “Once you step foot on one, forget everything else and grab the brass ring!”

Lauren’s always been around guitars. Her daddy was a country music picker, though it took a long while for her to really notice the instrument. A relative once promised that, if she learned how to play, the next time his band came through town he’d put her in it. Not long afterward she could strum out every tune in an old Hank Williams song book she found lying around the family double-wide.

She never got the chance to be in that band, though. Instead, she did an eight-year stint in the air force after graduating from Eustis High School (Florida). Then after receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she spent the next fifteen years as a Software Engineer before outing herself as a singer/songwriter. Today, she lives in Summerfield, Florida.

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FIRST PLACE- 2018 & 2014 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter (live) Competition and recipient of the Vic Heyman song-writing award!

FIRST PLACE - 2016 Will McLean Song Contest!

FIRST PLACE - 2013 Walnut Valley Festival Song Contest!

HONORABLE MENTION - 2015 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

HONORABLE MENTION - 2014 Woody Guthrie Song Contest

THIRD PLACE - 2015 Will McLean Song Contest

TOP TEN - 2018. 2014, 2013 Will McLean Song Contest