I like flying above the radar. My air force days taught me that. I used to work on U-2 spy planes as a recon tech, and the pilot’s goal was not to get shot down. The higher they flew, the safer they were. It sort of confirmed to me that it’s okay to be a little shy while at the same time you try to spread your wings.

The Grand Unraveling is the culmination of my lifelong dream of writing and publishing a fantasy series. This crazy story got stuck in my head a long time ago, and I never could quite shake it. I think it started when I read Lord of the Rings, but the dream really took hold when I read The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, a fantasy series by Stephen R. Donaldson.

I also like playing guitar, writing songs, and performing my music on stage. After doing an eight-year stint in the air force, I received a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. I then spent the next fifteen years as a Software Engineer before outing myself as a singer/songwriter, and now an author. Today, I live in Summerfield, Florida, writing novels.

Thank you!

Lauren Heintz