1. Labor of Love

From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Lead guitars: Lauren Heintz
Harmony: Lauren Heintz


A coat of paint
some shingles on the roof
It's a truck load of work
but it sure is good
to have a place I can call my own

I'll grow some daisies
stick 'em in a vase
frame this window
with some fine white lace
it may be humble
but this is my home

Scrubbing out stains
filling up cracks
this house and me
We both are bouncing back
You'll never make amends
if you don't try

A hammer, a nail
Broom, a mop, a pail
Tearing out the weeds
Wondering why we failed
And picking up the pieces of my life

With a dragonfly buzzing
just a foot from my eye
the Big Dipper hanging
overhead in the sky
I'm peeling back the foil on last night’s dinner
A bullfrog croaking
like he's lost all his warts
Feeling so good
in my tee-shirt and shorts
1. I’m as high as a saint
though I'm only a sinner
2. Yeah my muscle are sore
And my bank account’s thinner
Saving this house is a second chance at being a winner

Straightening up doors
Snaking out drains
Winding up the hose
And splashing thru the rain
I'm out there dancing in bare feet

I'll buy a welcome mat
lay it out flat
Wake up in a bed
knowing where I'm at
And knowing that this day will be so sweet


Saving this house
is a second chance at being a winner

Yeah this labor of love
is a second chance to prove I’m a winner