From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Dobro: Doug Stock
Harmony: Elisabeth Williamson
Bass: Lon Williamson


I saw an angel flying
Heard a baleful choir
Wings that clapped like thunder
His trumpet spitting fire

My name is Ginnie Wade
And I'm not quite 21
My darling Jack
And I were called to test
We do our duties faithfully
We will not shirk or shrink
But a grim July
Has lain us down to rest

I'd have us reunited
But Lee is in our sight
That southern cross
Defies from yonder field
Abraham will save us
But 'till that distant day
Blue and gray
Demands the other yield


Your damning witness testified
I did an evil deed
That fire took my loved ones
Babies three
I have no will for living
But I didn't end their lives
I'm begging, Austin
Please don't murder me


We were here before your forts
Before your wooden ships
You came aground
To consecrate our lands
Bound up in accords
Our history you ignored
You tore us from our homes
With heavy hand