1. Unthinkable

From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitars: Lauren Heintz
Piano: Tracy Collins
Bass: Lon Williamson


Did you wipe at an eye as you were packing
Did you think not a soul's left who cares
I was the one who once found Heaven
You were the one who answered all my prayers

Do you long for the way that I held you
Do you wish that was me in the night
I was the one who troubled Eden
You were the one who took me in your light

So many dreams
So many years
It's unthinkable that now
I'm trading them for tears
Not a doubt in your mind
Not a word left unspun
I disbelieve you met someone
My world has come undone


Are you blind in the gleam of old memories
As many as clouds in the skies
I am the one who lives in dreamland
You are the one with stars in your eyes