1. Pink Flamingos

From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Congas: Steady Joseph
Harmony: Elisabeth Williamson, Lon Williamson
Bass: Lon Williamson


We hear the calls of flamingos as they're flying
Kindred souls alighting on the sand
They wade into the shallows we're both eyeing
As we walk along this southern Florida strand

Near the sea, let's stay here in key largo
Rest awhile, escape the daily grind
Rent a boat, a Searay or a Mako
And search awhile for things we hope to find

Got no worries
Got no blues
Ain't no need to wear no shoes
Watch the sun it's setting low
Flash of green there in our eyes
Lifts our spirits to the skies
Like a pair of pink flamingos

Feel the swell, the reef is right below us
We're floating like a bobber on a pond
Taste the salt on lips that gently linger
Let's leap into the swirling blue beyond


Island breezes, cool and calm
You and me beneath the palm
Passions rising with the tide
Hearts are pounding side by side

(repeat first verse