1. My Leaving

From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Lead guitar: Lauren Heintz
Pedal Steel: Doug Stock
Bass: Lon Williamson
Written by: Michael C. Mann, Lauren Heintz


Swore an oath, signed some papers
Set the date when I must go
But that was before I met you
And I found I loved you so

I never knew that my decision
Would cause me so much pain
But now the time is nearing
The truth is really quite plain

That/And my leaving
Will bring heartaches
And every mile I go
Will bring a tear to my eyes
And deep sorrow

It's such a mess that I got into
Though I wish it weren't that way
I will always be thinking of you
In my forthcoming days


You and me we will never be together
You didn't know the secret in my heart
It's too late now to tell you how I'm feeling
So I can only love you from afar