1. Where I Belong

From the recording Where I Belong

Vocal and guitar: Lauren Heintz
Fiddle: Robert Bowlin
Mandolin: Jason Thomas
Harmony: Elisabeth Williamson
Bass: Lon Williamson


I’m not afraid of anything
Except for who I am
I guess I’m not as fearless as I claim

I’m not much good at nothing
I’m just a simple soul
I do more right than wronging
though I’ve a long, long way to go

I’ve been around the world
Met a lot of folk
I’m still the only stranger that I know

I believe in miracles
And other stuff like that
But I don’t know the answers
to all these questions that I have, like….

…why do I deserve this
Tell me lord what did I do
To suffer all this anger
Lose the only love I knew
You gotta please, please help me
Find the strength to carry on
My home’s away in Florida
And it’s home where I belong

I've hunted ‘round for money
It’s helped to bring me home
I’ve lost a lot of living on the road

But still I keep on searching
What makes it all worthwhile
A little bit of sunshine
And a warm and friendly smile, so….