Crossing the Precipice

Eludrians II


The Grand Unraveling has begun!

Nothing seems to be going right for Ada and Galager.

From the dust of battle, though, arises an exalted warrior. He is a man with the heart of a panther, a man on the prowl, a man who will somehow transcend the boundaries of time and distance—and quench the thirst of his faithful longknives, Mercy and Vengeance—to help Ada and Galager. Katonkin Weir is that legend, and he is no stranger to impossible acts, even those that will reverberate through the rest of history.

With the weight of the world on their untested shoulders, will Ada and Galager have the courage, fortitude, and the skills needed to succeed on their fateful quest? Or will the power and cruelty of the most dangerous wizards on Earth crush them the way they have vanquished so many other would-be champions before them?

All will be revealed in this installment of The Eludrians.

Read the completed two-book saga of The Grand Unraveling and Crossing the Precipice to join the quest.


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