The Grand Unraveling

Eludrians I


Grab your sword. Watch your back. Evil is on the way.

Along the watchtowers, two young magic meddlers are caught within the crosshairs of an approaching malevolence. To survive, they will need to quickly hone their new powers and use all of their cunning to beat back the specter of death.

With wizards and monsters amok in the land, Ada and Galager battle assassination attempts, demonic attacks, and betrayal. Then when one of most powerful and cruel enemy wizards nears their gate, they are faced with a shocking revelation that threatens to unravel everything. Everything!

The Grand Unraveling will immerse you in lush world building, intricately designed magic systems, sword-clashing adventures, and ancient legends & mysteries. Steel yourself for battle and get The Grand Unraveling (Book One of the Eludrians) today.

The story is new, but this is the kind of old school epic fantasy you’ve been waiting to get your hands on. Discover this exciting new duology and get ready to binge the entire series.


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