The Grand Unraveling

Eludrians I

An enemy out for blood.

Two young outsiders caught between two armies.

A secret that will uproot history.

When Ada Halentine and Galager Swift each risk death and infuse a magical substance, eludria, into their bloodstreams, they have no idea what they’re getting into. Miraculously, they survive their dangerous ordeals and become eludrians—magic wielders!

Ada infused eludria because her daddy’s riches meant nothing, if they required her to live a life cowering from the Vilazian Multitude and its wizards, monsters, and soldiers. Once a lowly farmer, Galager infused eludria to avoid becoming the victim of a brutal barracks murder. All he had to give up was a dream: the chance to search for his long-lost father.

The unlikely pair are thrust together as two great armies collide around them. Protected by the indomitable and diverse occupants of a legendary castle at the tip of the tactical spear, Ada and Galager must unravel a secret the gods have kept hidden from mankind, a secret that sets them on one final quest to rip the past from its roots to save the future.