Upcoming dates

Coming up next for me is the Will McLean Festival on March 13 & 14 (Friday, Saturday): One of my favorite music festivals. I'm playing Friday at 5Pm on the Azalea Stage and Saturday at 2PM on the Cypress Stage & 4PM on the Magnolia Stage.

Maggie's Farm, March 29: My friends, Lucky Mudd, AKA Maggie and Mike Mckinney, run this series up in the Florida panhandle. Can't wait to see them and play for their great audience.

Woodview Coffee House, April 3: Another great Florida music series, and I'm honored and grateful to be a part of it.

Eddie’s Attic, May 4, 9PM: Gonna play at this famous Atlanta open-mic!

SERFA, May 13-17: A gathering of folk musicians in Chattanooga!

Good Medicine House Concert, May 19: This was where I played my very first house concert. So happy to be returning, for the third time. Judi and Ellis are wonderful people and friends, and I love the folks here in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Kerrville Folk Festival, May 21 - June 7: Can I withstand the crowds and the Texas heat and last the entire 18 days? I've attended three times, including their song school and blues guitar school, this time I just want to hang with other musicians for as long as my poor body can take it and listen to great music and be inspired.

Fogartyville, Sarasota Folk Club, Sep 28: Oh my gosh! I can't wait! I'll finally play for this great series.

Two Way Street Coffeehouse, Oct 9: Another gem I'll be playing, this time in Chicago. Pinch me!

FARM Conference, Oct 22 - 25: 


TWO TIME WINNER 2018 & 2014 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter (live) Competition and recipient of the Vic Heyman song-writing award! FIRST PLACE 2016 Will McLean Song Contest! FIRST PLACE 2013 Walnut Valley Festival Song Contest! HONORABLE MENTION 2015 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest HONORABLE MENTION 2014 Woody Guthrie Song Contest THIRD PLACE 2015 Will McLean Song Contest TOP TEN 2018. 2014, 2013 Will McLean Song Contest

"We have been mesmerized listening to this singer with her very unique voice" (Rootstime Magazine, Belgium)

"I LOVE Travelin' Fool--both the original (I call it the "country version") and the new one! I could just see Dolly Parton up there singing it. (No offense to Lauren’s considerable singing skills…)" (Ken Nagelberg, WHYR DJ, Baton Rouge)

"We were glad to host a concert with Lauren Heintz at Trinity House Theatre.  Lauren has a stunning voice and a bunch of great songs to share.  I was also very impressed by her skill as a guitar player.  She delighted the people that came out to see her and we look forward to having her back at the theatre.  She came highly recommended to us . . . and after hosting her for a show we can see why."  (Bill Keith, Trinity House Theatre, Livonia, Michigan)

"I met Lauren Heintz only last week, and I just couldn’t wait a year or few to host her. Her ear-opening fast finger-style guitar took many years to master . . . I noticed Lauren’s guitar work first and then her mellow round voice which brings to mind Joan Baez (sans vibrato) and Kate Wolf."  (Tom Yeager, Songbird Sanctuary House Concerts, Houston, TX)

"To compare Lauren's songs, voice and guitar playing to any other performer would be doing her a disservice. In our travels it is rare to find a voice that is truly unique and Lauren's voice, to us, is like a piece of exquisite dark chocolate rum cake served in Grandma's gold-rimmed china teacup on a platter lined with the finest velvet!"  (Donna and Kelly of Still on the Hill)

"The music of Lauren Heintz will transport you to another plane of existence. Her guitar playing is unbelievably beautiful and entrancing, like listening to a waterfall on a pool of bells.  Her voice is rich and caressing, enticing you to hang onto every word.  She can mesmerize, tantalize, hypnotize and melt you, and then she tickles your funnybone with her delightful humor.  Lauren is one of the best and most original entertainers around, and not to be missed!"  (Judi Neal, Good Medicine House Concert Series)

"Lauren Heintz is an awesome guitarist with a voice that comes from deep inside the songs she shares, but it is her grace onstage that connects her to her audience. And, for the time she is onstage, they are hers. Her concert at our series ended with a standing ovation and calls for more, and we'll welcome her back anytime. (Mike & Maggie McKinney, Lucky Mud/Americana Under The Stars/Americana Cafe Sundays)

"Distinctive and masterful guitar style; compelling, engaging, and profound songwriting; one of the most intriguing and unique vocal talents ever. There's nobody I am more excited to book again than Lauren Heintz." (Ron Holm, Musical Program Director and All-Around Music Dweeb, JustGoods Friday Concert Series.)

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