Lauren’s fingerpicking is fast and precise when she succumbs to her inner Segovia, or gentle and teasing when the mood calls for it. Often like a waterfall—a glittering cascade of sonic pleasantries—her notes are clear and confident, and her riffs and interludes are melodic and fitting. Her voice flows like molten chocolate, a resonant lower register that causes heads to snap in her direction when she begins to sing. And despite being a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter and a favorite in the Florida Folk scene, she remains reluctant and humble—except when she’s on stage, and then suddenly she takes command of the spotlight.


Multi award-winning singer/songwriter and guitarist, Lauren Heintz, has quite a story to tell. She swam in volcanic calderas, water-skied gator-infested rivers, repaired U-2 spy planes near the Yellow Sea while in the USAF, and worked in the dot-com tech wars of Silicon Valley.


Lauren is a rare two-time winner of the notable South Florida Folk Festival live-performing song contest—a tropical affair attracting accomplished artists from all over the country. She’s nailed the number one spot in other contests too: Walnut Valley Festival in Kansas & Will McLean Festival in Florida. And she has a fistful of honorable mentions at the Woody Guthrie Festival, MASC, and others.


With two released albums, her sophomore music project, Where I Belong, debuted on global folk radio as the #12 album. If her life was a novel, the songs on her albums are the plot points of her story, the twists and turns of an edge walker. These albums capture many aspects of her search for a sense of place and purpose.


Lauren graduated from Eustis High School, Florida and immediately joined the USAF, then later received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (University of Maryland), then spent the next fifteen years as a Software Engineer before outing herself as a musician. Today, she lives in Central Florida.